The Recording Process

14 Dec
Frank the Tank

Frank the Tank

All the songs on Everybody’s Got A Story (EGAS) were recorded in February 2008 at Jeremy’s place in Ottawa. We had Duane, Jeremy’s buddy from Montreal, record everything on standalone multitrack recorder. Duane was our recording engineer, producer, mixer, fixer, and masterer.

The whole process of laying down the tracks took place over a single weekend. We set up on Friday night thinking we’d just get all our instruments, amps, mics and cables setup. Then we’d jam around to get all the level’s balanced and then we’d start recording Saturday. We’ll we managed to get everything going fast enough Friday night that we ended up recording two of the 8 songs on the disc that night before calling it quits.

I can only give you a description of the gear I used and I’ll let my bandmates add the list of their gear if they feel like it. I think I only used two guitars for the entire recording – my Michael Kelly hybrid – and an Acoustic Norman guitar. I might have used another of my guitars – a PRS SE Soarbar II, but I’m not sure. My electric was run through a Tube Screamer pedal and into my Traynor YCV40 clean channel. This is the exact setup I use live. The idea for this was we all used our live rig setups for the recording so that our album would sound the same as us live.


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4 responses to “The Recording Process

  1. Bonesaw

    17/12/2008 at 7:59 PM

    Nice post Franky!, I used my full Sonor 505 set, with it’s 5″ x 14″ snare drum, and all of my Sabian Vault Cymbals. Heads were all Remo Emperor coated, with tone rings. This is/was my live set up as well, we stayed pretty true-to-life on the record. My drums were miked with one SM57 on the snare, a beta52 on the kick two AT2020 condensor mic’s to finish it off….awesome memories!

  2. amalik

    18/12/2008 at 3:19 PM

    My turn. I played the whole album using a Black Gibson Standard running through a vintage Peavey Rockmaster head matched with a Randall 2×12 cab. Of course there’s my pedal board which goes as follows: TU2 (tuner) -> OD/DS (distortion) -> GE (equalizer) -> Chorus -> Flanger -> Digital Delay. All pedals were made by BOSS.

    Definitely a very fun time to record and I was surprised how quickly we were able to get things done. Looking forward to next year when we put album #2 together.

  3. Ger

    19/12/2008 at 5:03 PM

    I’ll chime in too.

    My rig is about as simple as it gets. I plugged my Epiphone Thunderbird IV straight into my Crate BT220. The Crate’s EQ is set in more or less a classic V with bass and highs boosted, mids set relatively low. The T-Bird gets the mids right on its own.

    That’s about it!

  4. Skyler

    19/12/2008 at 5:12 PM

    All I really need to know is you got that cover of the “Final Countdown” on tape!


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