10 Mar

Today is the day.

Picture it:  It’s 1984.  An eleven-year-old me (Gerry, this is btw) is at a sleepover at his friend Jason’s house.  As we’re in the downstairs rec room watching Star Wars for the 982nd time, I hear the most evil sound emanating from above us:

“In the beginning
Good always overpowered the evils
Of all man’s sins…”

Then, once I think the menace has passed, the opening riff of “Shout at the Devil” comes rumbling forth from Jason’s older brother John’s Technics stereo. I had never heard anything like this in my life.  Before that moment, I was listening to ABBA, irish jigs and Neil Diamond…most of which was listened to on 8-track in Dad’s Oldsmobile.

My life as a metalhead began.

“Shout at the Devil” was, at the time, the heaviest, meanest, most evil record I had ever heard. Now, in retrospect, it’s pretty tame compared to some of the stuff I listen to these days, but damned if it doesn’t still make me throw up the horns.

…and tonight, I get to see ’em live.  For the first time.

Dream.  Come. Trüe.  \m/

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