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Ottawa’s Tribute Band Obsession

Hello fans & foes,

I thought I would talk a little bit on the weird attraction that Ottawa seems to have with tribute bands.  Over the past three years of searching and scraping for gigs around town, I’ve noticed that the majority of booked gigs are tributes in some form or another.  The popularity is quite uncanny and weird I think, but I do think there is an explanation…keep reading… Read the rest of this entry »

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Motley Crue Ottawa Show Review


Ahhh, the review after the show…one of my favorite things.  This is my review (Bonesaw) of the Motley Crue “Saints of Los Angeles” tour stop, that was at Scotiabank Place last night.

From the perspective of where our seats were, the full “show effect” was somewhat diminished because of the side angle we had (section 114) .  We could see backstage, so you didn’t really get the full effect of the curtain drop and aura of the big entry to the show.  That being said, it really did not affect my enjoyment of the show in the least.  Once the boys ripped into Kickstart My Heart, all doubt was gone……The Crue is in Ottawa bitch! Read the rest of this entry »


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Chrome beast kit update – Feb ’09

Chrome beast kit

Chrome beast kit

UPDATE: Well children, the C.B.K. is done with major assembly complete! One remaining item is another Pearl bass drum pedal, and perhaps a bass mounted cymbal holder (which I’m still pondering….) Other than that she’s done baby, and man is it loud! Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Metal Song Ever – Bonesaw

Black Sabbath 6:29 – Black Sabbath 1970

My vote for best Metal song ever is by the founders of Metal, Black Sabbath.  This is a really hard topic to discuss, but I think the song “Black Sabbath” sums it all up in a scary tale of Satan on earth.  The song was brought to the band by bassist Geezer Butler after he awoke in the night from a bad dream and swore that there was a dark figure at the foot of his bed, staring at him…… awesome is that!

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C.B.K. Update 2009

Hello all,

Well I added another piece to the “Chrome Beast Kit” over the holidays, and mounted the 14″ rack tom.  I went with the Sonor 400 series double cymbal stand to mount my 17″ and 19″ crashes.  From this is where the 14″ rack tom is suspended on a two way Pearl clamp, and early Pearl single tube mount.  Next; the painting of the bass drum hoops, preparation of the shells, and then the order of the drum heads can commence!

Cheers, Bonesaw    mXmC.B.K. - Updated Jan '09

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Bonesaw’s review of the Zoom H2

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I thought I would drop my two cents into the pot, in regards to the H2 from Samson/Zoom.  I usually hate Zoom H2reviews since they’re pretty biased, but since I’m not being paid by Zoom/Samson I’m sure my opinion is just as good as the so-called, experts.  Let’s get started!

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There is hope for our youth yet!

In this day and age of Pop, Dance and boy/girl band crap, it’s nice to see young people who Josh bassin' it up!actually play instruments and rock and roll!  My nephew who lives in Sault St. Marie does just that.  Every time I see young dudes rocking out, it gives me hope!  I guess for every cookie-cutter “record company manufactured” wanna-be band out there, there are still a few crazy kids out there playing great rock, punk, metal, and crushing it!

My nephew Josh (in photo) put together a group of guys for a charity event just recently.  It’s nice to see that they understand the importance of charity as well as good music.  I wish I could have been there, maybe even to sit in….hint, hint (next time maybe).

Keep it up guys, “metal-fingers” in the air!

Bonesaw  – mXm

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