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We’re Still Alive!

Hey Loungers,

We haven’t been posting to the website as much as usual because, well, it’s Summer dag nabbit! Get outside and catch some rays, you pasty white freaks!

We’re taking it easy this Summer and gearing up for, hopefully, a busy Fall. Some exciting opportunities have presented themselves recently, so if/when they come to fruition, you’ll be the first to know.

Ger, Areeb, and Frank will be playing an all acoustic corporate gig in August, which will be a big departure from our usual live show. Jer’s chained up in a Government building in downtown Ottawa somewhere, but maybe if we can break him out A-Team style, he can join us with his djembe and fill in the backbeat. If not, I guess it’ll be up to some lucky audience member to tap along on the tambourine or some hippy mojo like that.

Stay tuned, Rocketeers!

PS – which is better, “Loungers” or “Rocketeers”? We should have a contest…

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RL ends 2010 with a barnburner!

Hello RL fans,

Well, we came, we saw, we roasted the doors off of Bass Line Station one last time for 2010!  The crowd was in fine form, the drinks were flowing and the boys in the band were tight…who could ask for anything more, really!?  This closes yet another calendar of Rocket Lounge shows with many more to come in 2011.  One of these days, I’ll count how many shows we’ve actually done…that would be cool to know!


We would like to thank our dedicated fans and families for sticking with us once again this year.  Your continued love, support and understanding mean the world to us.  We really couldn’t do it without you.

On the chop-block for 2011; We will continue the recording process that will eventually become RL’s 2nd studio release.  With the first five tunes in the bag, another weekend of three or four more will do it and we can launch the sucker!  We have a few gigs lined up with the first being a debut performance, January 21st at Bert’s bar in Scotiabank Place.  We will be taking a live recording of this show and releasing it in some form or fashion…I don’t know, ROCKET LOUNGE LIVE FROM SCOTIABANK PLACE has a wonderful ring to it…

There will no doubt be tons of crazy things that come up throughout the year to tickle butt cheeks and tweek nipples, so stay tuned to RL on Facebook, Twitter and right here on WordPress.

The boys in Rocket Lounge wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season

Cheers  ~ RL

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Loud in Limoges!

Rocket Lounge had a great time in Limoges last Friday night. The new owners are a great couple and eager to support local music. A big thanks to them, and the crowd for making the night a great one. See you soon Penalty Box!!

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Cornwall will never be the same!

Come on everybody! We’re rockin’ in Corwall this Friday night at the NavCan conference center, 1950 Montreal Road! The night is gonna be a blast. We’ll be starting early, around 8:30 and playing until around 11:30-midnight. There should be a good crowd from the Feis competition that weekend, so hopefully we’re packed to the rafters with crazy Irish dancers!

See ya’ll at The Jet Set Pub beeches!

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Almonte show review!

Awesome show at JR’s last night. Big thanks to the Almonte crowd and the great staff at JR’s! We hope to be back for another show soon.

cheers, RL

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Rocket Lounge 2009

Gotta love new pictures.  Man, what a good looking band….

Rocket Lounge 2009

Rocket Lounge 2009



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Rocket Lounge – Warm weather update

Hello all,

Well, we are about one month away from laying down the first part of the next record!  We will be calling on our “wizard of the knobs” Duane once again, and be tracking everything at the Tomei residence this time around.  We have 4 tunes to drop on “imaginary tape” this time, with a few more to come at a later date.  I’m excited to see how this album fleshes out; there are always some interesting things that go on during the process.  Hopefully we have a chance to play with things and add some cool touches here and there.  You cannot rush a masterpiece!  Stay tuned for a write up on the recording session. I’m sure someone will Tweet about it during!

August 7th is the next gig on the block for Summer.  It will be at Bass Line again, but no cover this time.  We’ll be playing our normal set list, with at least 5 new tunes that we’ve been playing with.  Who knows, by then we may have another original to play??!  Stay tuned for that action as well.

There may also be some Summer festivals that I’m trying to line up.  These are a tough nut to crack sometimes, but maybe something will come around.  It would be nice, being Summer and all, to play for a bunch of beer drinking-half naked-tanned chicks at an outdoor event.  Anyone who knows of one we could hook up, email us!!

Cheers,  RL.

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