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Videos from Bert’s Bar – January 21/11

Queen of Hearts/Lick It Up


Blow At High Dough


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Live Video Goodness!

For those who have yet to witness the awesomeness that is a live Rocket Lounge show (ahem), here is a smattering of what you can expect!  You might as well grab a few beers and watch these, just to mimic the true experience of seeing the band live.  Thanks to Duane for providing us with the drunken handheld footage.  \m/



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Mother Lover. Andy & JT do it again.

*UPDATE*  GAH!  Stupid NBC.  I figured it would get taken down sooner or later.

Another link (for now)

Brilliant follow-up to “D%$k in a Box”

Enjoy while it lasts! It’s gone.  Looking forward to the uncensored version.

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Beyonce Sounds…err, different. *UPDATED*

**UPDATE**  TMZ has confirmed that the Beyonce board mix was a fake.  I still hold my opinion that most pop music today is crap.  That is all.

Howard Stern (Sirius, Channel 100) played this leaked recording of Beyonce’s Today Show appearance. The audio is the board mix…basically it’s what’s coming from her mic, not what the audience heard. The audience heard a pitch-perfect track. In reality, not so much.

This only furthers my argument that a lot, not ALL but a lot, of today’s popular music is absolute garbage. A pretty face will get you far, apparently.

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“Anvil!: The Story of Anvil” Trailer

This movie looks awesome.  I used to really dig Anvil when I was in high school.  The Power Hour on MuchMusic would play their videos all the time.  “Mad Dog” sticks out in my mind…what a crazy vid!

The documentary debuted at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and is supposed to be given a limited release in the USA in April.   Seeing as though Anvil are Canadian, I would hope we’ll get a chance to see it here too.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

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Today is the day.

Picture it:  It’s 1984.  An eleven-year-old me (Gerry, this is btw) is at a sleepover at his friend Jason’s house.  As we’re in the downstairs rec room watching Star Wars for the 982nd time, I hear the most evil sound emanating from above us:

“In the beginning
Good always overpowered the evils
Of all man’s sins…”

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Friday Funny: Chewie Cabinet

Yes, I’m a huge nerd.

Have a good weekend!

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