Gig Alert! Rocket Lounge @ Bert’s Bar!

Man, this is the gig we’ve been waiting for!  Do you know how many times I’ve walked into Scotiabank Place for a hockey game and thought, “Man, I’d love to get the band into Bert’s during a game…”  I’ll tell ya how many times…exactly 6.

Anyway, we’re beyond stoked for this Friday night’s gig during the Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadiens game!  We’ll be rocking Bert’s Bar during the intermissions and then closing the place down until the Red Coats tell us to get the hell out!

The fun starts when the game does, 7:30PM EST.  Come hang with the band, watch the Sens stomp the arch rival Habs, and rock the Bank to its foundation! You don’t need a ticket to the game to get into Bert’s, but get there early because the place is gonna be blocked to the doors! Parking ain’t free, but hey, it’s a night out, ya cheap buggers!

We’d love to see you there and GO SENS GO!  Feel free to razz Areeb who will no doubt be wearing his Habs jersey.  BOOO!!


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RL ends 2010 with a barnburner!

Hello RL fans,

Well, we came, we saw, we roasted the doors off of Bass Line Station one last time for 2010!  The crowd was in fine form, the drinks were flowing and the boys in the band were tight…who could ask for anything more, really!?  This closes yet another calendar of Rocket Lounge shows with many more to come in 2011.  One of these days, I’ll count how many shows we’ve actually done…that would be cool to know!


We would like to thank our dedicated fans and families for sticking with us once again this year.  Your continued love, support and understanding mean the world to us.  We really couldn’t do it without you.

On the chop-block for 2011; We will continue the recording process that will eventually become RL’s 2nd studio release.  With the first five tunes in the bag, another weekend of three or four more will do it and we can launch the sucker!  We have a few gigs lined up with the first being a debut performance, January 21st at Bert’s bar in Scotiabank Place.  We will be taking a live recording of this show and releasing it in some form or fashion…I don’t know, ROCKET LOUNGE LIVE FROM SCOTIABANK PLACE has a wonderful ring to it…

There will no doubt be tons of crazy things that come up throughout the year to tickle butt cheeks and tweek nipples, so stay tuned to RL on Facebook, Twitter and right here on WordPress.

The boys in Rocket Lounge wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season

Cheers  ~ RL

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Live Video Goodness!

For those who have yet to witness the awesomeness that is a live Rocket Lounge show (ahem), here is a smattering of what you can expect!  You might as well grab a few beers and watch these, just to mimic the true experience of seeing the band live.  Thanks to Duane for providing us with the drunken handheld footage.  \m/



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gig alert! – bass line station

RL is back rocking the stage at Bass Line Station, Saturday, November 20th 2010 @ 9:30pm ($5 cover). We will have some new tunes to throw out that night for the BLS crowd, so bring your dancin’ shoes!

Cheers ~ RL

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rocket lounge Bak @ The Hak!

That’s right kids, your favorite band will be rocking the Q-C this month at the Haraiki bar in Lasalle, Montreal!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 – 10:00pm start (no cover)

The Haraiki Bar

1492 Shevchenko Blvd, Lasalle, QC, CA

The night is already drawing crazy feedback with 80 people confirmed to come party with us over Facebook.  It’ll be a packed house for sure, with lots of great people and loud ruckus tunage!!/event.php?eid=139184189449514

This is our first return trip to Montreal after a very successful double-header show a while back.  The Hak is always a welcoming place to play, and the staff and owners couldn’t be more accommodating.  RL is looking forward to bringing their hard-hitting rock style to Shevchenko Street once again…hold onto your poutine’s and steamie’s….Rocket Lounge is coming to town!


Cheers  ~  RL

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Ger Reviews “The Final Frontier”

Every time Iron Maiden puts out a new studio album, it’s almost like a religious experience for me.  I need the CD in my hands.  I need to follow the lyrics as they’re being sung.  I need the physical product in my greedy mitts. I also feel the need to stream my consciousness onto paper (err, MS Word) as the songs are playing.  Here are those thoughts snatched from my head as I listened to Iron Maiden’s brand spankin’ new album, “The Final Frontier”.

Satellite 15…The Final Frontier

Wow, the first 4 minutes of this song are friggin’ weird! Good on the lads for producing something very, very different especially for the record’s opener. I might have to listen a few more times for the first half to grow on me. As for the second half of the song, that is instant classic Maiden!! Wow, hooky as all hell and just a killer groove. This is all Adrian Smith folks, even though the other two amigos chime in with awesomeness, lead and otherwise. It’s nice to hear a riff that’s not the typical E-C-D pattern that has been prevalent in Maiden tunes for years. It’s a groovy riff, but delightfully unpredictable.

El Dorado

I first heard this song about a month and a half before the release of the record. The first thing that stuck me was “That opening bass line sounds like ‘Barracuda’ by Heart”. The similarities end there. This song caught me instantly, even more so since seeing the boys play it live twice (on two consecutive nights in two different cities, I might add). The song soars to another plane when the chorus eventually kicks in just before the 3:00 mark. I was wondering if Bruce could hit those really high notes live. Well, leave no doubt, the Air Raid Siren is still as blaring and perfect as ever. This is an instant Maiden classic.

Mother of Mercy

“I’M A SOLDIER OF WAR!” Yes!!! A subdued, brooding intro breaks into a mid-tempo gallop that, again, highlights all that is Adrian Smith; a no-nonsense, heavy as hell guitar driven groove. The backdrop of very dark subject matter; “I’m just a lonely soldier fighting in a bloody hopeless war”. One of the best Maiden songs ever, even if it is at a “slight” 5:20.

Coming Home

Initially, this sounds like a hidden track from Bruce’s “Skunkworks” solo record, with an etherealness to the melody that is very signature of that side project. This is a cool, personal song for Bruce that describes his love of flight. I particularly love the line “Flown the dark Atlantic/Over mariners stormy graves”. Very cool! A lot of Adrian in this song too. So far, this is Adrian’s record, in my opinion. I picture this played live and get goosebumps. I’m in awe of this song.

The Alchemist

Oh, this just kicks in right from the get-go!! Very reminiscent of “Be Quick or Be Dead”, with a lot more early Maiden influence. The triple guitar harmonies are just top shelf and ‘Arry absolutely shreds in the verses. From the title, I was expecting a more slow, brooding song like something off of Bruce’s “The Chemical Wedding” (a natural assumption given the title of the song). This is a song I’ve been hoping I’d hear from the band; one that just kicks ass from the first note and doesn’t slack off.

Isle of Avalon

Ok, here we go…over 9:00. I’d heard good things about this song. The intro reminds me a bit of the breakdown in “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”, with Nicko’s high-hats (I don’t know how he keeps that up for so long). Two minutes in and the anticipation builds as the guitars and drums get slightly more aggressive. Boom, 2:45 and the song kicks into high gear, and from reading the lyrics, I have zero idea what the song is about. I guess I’ll have to look that up. Wow, the song takes on so many forms and leads the listener down multiple twists and turns…it’s going to take more than one listen to wrap my skull around it. This is brilliant songwriting, plain and simple. I have no idea how Bruce will remember all the lyrics, should the band decide to pull this one off live.


Can Adrian Smith write a bad riff? Answer: nope. However, this song is a little strange and may take a few listens to grasp. The song’s written in an odd time signature; definitely not a typical 4/4, but most Maiden offerings aren’t. Nicko earns his keep on this one. Good luck to anyone who wants to load this one into Rock Band or something. I gather that the song has a religious theme, but damned if I know exactly what it is on this my first listen. I’ll have to take notes on this one, along with “…Avalon”.

The Talisman

Another 9+ minute offering (sweet)! Subdued opening with some nice acoustic guitar work by (I assume) Janick, who has his first writing credit on the record. Bam, 2:23, the song crushes into a mid-tempo groove that would fit perfectly alongside the tunes on “A Matter of Life and Death”. “The Talisman” is another sweeping epic in a long history of awesomeness. It’s so cool to hear the difference in guitar style between Gers and Smith. Janick is so loosey-goosey and untamed, whereas Adrian is so well-thought-out and precise. It’s a beautiful thing. Love this song!

The Man Who Would Be King

And then we have Mr. Davey Murray. You talk about guitar playing that’s distinctive and signature; this song’s intro displays Dave’s subtle side, yet it’s filled with little trills and flourishes that make Dave Murray great. The guitar harmonies here are phenomenal, leading into a straight-ahead rocker, until the 4:00 mark when the song takes an unexpected turn! Wow…didn’t see that coming. Is that slide guitar? Then, back into full-on Maiden mode after the little diversion. Wow…another complex tune that requires a lot more listens to grasp fully.

When The Wild Wind Blows

The record’s closer is one second shy of 11 minutes. Let’s see where this goes. The opening guitar riff and vocal melody sounds very reflective and personal. Wow, this thing is BLEAK. It’s a sad tale of someone being blinded by the fear of what COULD happen and not what IS happening. From what I get out of it, ‘Arry is trying to tell us of the consequences of buying into fear mongering presented to us by the mass media: “Oh the World is gonna blow up!” “The end of days is near!” and all that crap. The lyrics are very emotionally charged and simply sad! I know I sound like a broken record, but this song requires a lot more than one listen.

There ya have it.  My first of many listens to this epic record by the best band in the world. UP THE IRONS!

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Rocket Lounge to Play Montreal…

That’s right kids, we’re playing the Haraiki Bar in Lasalle! (Mtl/QC.) Saturday, October 23rd starting around 9:30pm. We will bust out our ever-evolving setlist, and rock the faces off some unsuspecting victims! Come on over to the Hak for an awesome time with old friends, and make some new ones along the way!

Cheers – RL

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