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Gig Alert: Nov. 11 – BassLine Pub & Eatery

The Lounge is back at BassLine!

Come join us on Friday Nov. 11th around 9:30-ish for a special night at BassLine Pub & Eatery (2557 Baseline Road). In light of Remembrance Day, we’ll be raising money for the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund. All money collected at the door will be donated to the fund, which provides financial assistance to serving and former members of the Canadian Forces (CF) and their immediate families.

In order to fulfill its mission, the CFPAF partially relies on donations. To make a tax-deductible donation to the CFPAF, please visit the SISIP FS website. We have already confirmed generous donations from the Union of National Defence Employees Union, (UNDE) Local 70603 and the Public Servants Alliance of Canada (PSAC) on behalf of all the Public Servants for the National Capitol Region (NCR). Public servants…is there anything they can’t do?

I’m blown away by the generosity displayed by the folks in the Public Service and Canadian Forces. Public servants work tirelessly every day in service of Canadians and to see the solidarity between the public service and the Canadian Forces is very awesome!

This is our first show after a short hiatus from playing, so we SO ready to rock BassLine ’till the wee hours!

Let’s do this!

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Gig Alert! April 30 – Bass Line Station!

The Lounge is back at Bass Line!

Mark your calendar, call your babysitter, save your money, and break the bad news to your liver! We’re bringing a scorching new set list to Bass Line on Saturday April 30th @ 9:30PM. We’ll be be breaking out a ton of Rocket Lounge faves and some new little surprises.

It’s only $5 at the door…what a bargain for over 3 hours of the music you love played live and loud! Well, it’s not THAT loud, Ger’s a bit of a prude like that, but loud enough!

We’ll be playing well after midnight, so to quote a wise man, “Hey, hey, it’s the first of May! Outdoor drinkin’ starts today!” Well, “drinking” might not be the correct verb, but it’s a family show, people!

Hope to see you there!

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Gig Alert! The Brass Monkey, March 5!

Come out to the Brass Monkey, 250 Greenbank Road (near Hunt Club), on Saturday March 5th and check out the Lounge’s revamped set! As of Feb. 26th, they haven’t updated their calendar of events, but I assure you, we’re playing!

The Brass Monkey has a sweet setup for live music and we’re pumped to rumble the place. Tix are only $5 at the door, which is ridiculously cheap for a Saturday night out!

So, swing by, shoot some stick, and rock out with Rocket Lounge! The fun starts at 9:30. See you there! \m/

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Videos from Bert’s Bar – January 21/11

Queen of Hearts/Lick It Up


Blow At High Dough


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Gig Alert! Rocket Lounge @ Bert’s Bar!

Man, this is the gig we’ve been waiting for!  Do you know how many times I’ve walked into Scotiabank Place for a hockey game and thought, “Man, I’d love to get the band into Bert’s during a game…”  I’ll tell ya how many times…exactly 6.

Anyway, we’re beyond stoked for this Friday night’s gig during the Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadiens game!  We’ll be rocking Bert’s Bar during the intermissions and then closing the place down until the Red Coats tell us to get the hell out!

The fun starts when the game does, 7:30PM EST.  Come hang with the band, watch the Sens stomp the arch rival Habs, and rock the Bank to its foundation! You don’t need a ticket to the game to get into Bert’s, but get there early because the place is gonna be blocked to the doors! Parking ain’t free, but hey, it’s a night out, ya cheap buggers!

We’d love to see you there and GO SENS GO!  Feel free to razz Areeb who will no doubt be wearing his Habs jersey.  BOOO!!


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Live Video Goodness!

For those who have yet to witness the awesomeness that is a live Rocket Lounge show (ahem), here is a smattering of what you can expect!  You might as well grab a few beers and watch these, just to mimic the true experience of seeing the band live.  Thanks to Duane for providing us with the drunken handheld footage.  \m/



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CHEO Event Recap

Hey Rocketeers,

Here’s a quick recap of the CHEO Charity show we were a part of at Greenfield’s Pub. Lou and all the crew at GF’s did a great job and raised some much needed coin for a great cause.

Unfortunately, we rolled in too late to see The Bruised Egos. No doubt they rocked the place as usual. The BE Band were up next and brought outstanding soul and blues to the stage. 3-piece horn section = awesome!

Woody’s band The Chixie Dicks slammed out some great classic rock, which one would expect from a CHEZ 106 radio personality. Really good stuff. There was 8 of them up there! Too cool…it was like a classic rock version of Slipknot.

Lou’s band The Wise Guys hit the stage around 9:30 and bluesed up the place with a great set of soulful blues jams. It’s a real treat to see brilliant musicians just going off and really feeling the music.

We took to the stage at 11:00 for our hour set, which turned into an hour and a half. We cranked it up with some originals, some classics, and most of the rocked up 80s tunes we know. Those 80s tunes went over SO well with the crowd. I mean, who expects to hear a Thompson Twins song from a 4-piece rock band?

All in all, we had a blast and we hope Lou asks us back next year!


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