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Gig Alert: Nov. 11 – BassLine Pub & Eatery

The Lounge is back at BassLine!

Come join us on Friday Nov. 11th around 9:30-ish for a special night at BassLine Pub & Eatery (2557 Baseline Road). In light of Remembrance Day, we’ll be raising money for the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund. All money collected at the door will be donated to the fund, which provides financial assistance to serving and former members of the Canadian Forces (CF) and their immediate families.

In order to fulfill its mission, the CFPAF partially relies on donations. To make a tax-deductible donation to the CFPAF, please visit the SISIP FS website. We have already confirmed generous donations from the Union of National Defence Employees Union, (UNDE) Local 70603 and the Public Servants Alliance of Canada (PSAC) on behalf of all the Public Servants for the National Capitol Region (NCR). Public servants…is there anything they can’t do?

I’m blown away by the generosity displayed by the folks in the Public Service and Canadian Forces. Public servants work tirelessly every day in service of Canadians and to see the solidarity between the public service and the Canadian Forces is very awesome!

This is our first show after a short hiatus from playing, so we SO ready to rock BassLine ’till the wee hours!

Let’s do this!

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Gig Alert! April 30 – Bass Line Station!

The Lounge is back at Bass Line!

Mark your calendar, call your babysitter, save your money, and break the bad news to your liver! We’re bringing a scorching new set list to Bass Line on Saturday April 30th @ 9:30PM. We’ll be be breaking out a ton of Rocket Lounge faves and some new little surprises.

It’s only $5 at the door…what a bargain for over 3 hours of the music you love played live and loud! Well, it’s not THAT loud, Ger’s a bit of a prude like that, but loud enough!

We’ll be playing well after midnight, so to quote a wise man, “Hey, hey, it’s the first of May! Outdoor drinkin’ starts today!” Well, “drinking” might not be the correct verb, but it’s a family show, people!

Hope to see you there!

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Gig Alert! The Brass Monkey, March 5!

Come out to the Brass Monkey, 250 Greenbank Road (near Hunt Club), on Saturday March 5th and check out the Lounge’s revamped set! As of Feb. 26th, they haven’t updated their calendar of events, but I assure you, we’re playing!

The Brass Monkey has a sweet setup for live music and we’re pumped to rumble the place. Tix are only $5 at the door, which is ridiculously cheap for a Saturday night out!

So, swing by, shoot some stick, and rock out with Rocket Lounge! The fun starts at 9:30. See you there! \m/

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Ottawa’s Tribute Band Obsession

Hello fans & foes,

I thought I would talk a little bit on the weird attraction that Ottawa seems to have with tribute bands.  Over the past three years of searching and scraping for gigs around town, I’ve noticed that the majority of booked gigs are tributes in some form or another.  The popularity is quite uncanny and weird I think, but I do think there is an explanation…keep reading… Read the rest of this entry »

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Today is the day.

Picture it:  It’s 1984.  An eleven-year-old me (Gerry, this is btw) is at a sleepover at his friend Jason’s house.  As we’re in the downstairs rec room watching Star Wars for the 982nd time, I hear the most evil sound emanating from above us:

“In the beginning
Good always overpowered the evils
Of all man’s sins…”

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The Recording Process

Frank the Tank

Frank the Tank

All the songs on Everybody’s Got A Story (EGAS) were recorded in February 2008 at Jeremy’s place in Ottawa. We had Duane, Jeremy’s buddy from Montreal, record everything on standalone multitrack recorder. Duane was our recording engineer, producer, mixer, fixer, and masterer.

The whole process of laying down the tracks took place over a single weekend. We set up on Friday night thinking we’d just get all our instruments, amps, mics and cables setup. Then we’d jam around to get all the level’s balanced and then we’d start recording Saturday. We’ll we managed to get everything going fast enough Friday night that we ended up recording two of the 8 songs on the disc that night before calling it quits.

I can only give you a description of the gear I used and I’ll let my bandmates add the list of their gear if they feel like it. I think I only used two guitars for the entire recording – my Michael Kelly hybrid – and an Acoustic Norman guitar. I might have used another of my guitars – a PRS SE Soarbar II, but I’m not sure. My electric was run through a Tube Screamer pedal and into my Traynor YCV40 clean channel. This is the exact setup I use live. The idea for this was we all used our live rig setups for the recording so that our album would sound the same as us live.


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