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We’re Still Alive!

Hey Loungers,

We haven’t been posting to the website as much as usual because, well, it’s Summer dag nabbit! Get outside and catch some rays, you pasty white freaks!

We’re taking it easy this Summer and gearing up for, hopefully, a busy Fall. Some exciting opportunities have presented themselves recently, so if/when they come to fruition, you’ll be the first to know.

Ger, Areeb, and Frank will be playing an all acoustic corporate gig in August, which will be a big departure from our usual live show. Jer’s chained up in a Government building in downtown Ottawa somewhere, but maybe if we can break him out A-Team style, he can join us with his djembe and fill in the backbeat. If not, I guess it’ll be up to some lucky audience member to tap along on the tambourine or some hippy mojo like that.

Stay tuned, Rocketeers!

PS – which is better, “Loungers” or “Rocketeers”? We should have a contest…

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