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Motley Crue Ottawa Show Review


Ahhh, the review after the show…one of my favorite things.  This is my review (Bonesaw) of the Motley Crue “Saints of Los Angeles” tour stop, that was at Scotiabank Place last night.

From the perspective of where our seats were, the full “show effect” was somewhat diminished because of the side angle we had (section 114) .  We could see backstage, so you didn’t really get the full effect of the curtain drop and aura of the big entry to the show.  That being said, it really did not affect my enjoyment of the show in the least.  Once the boys ripped into Kickstart My Heart, all doubt was gone……The Crue is in Ottawa bitch! Read the rest of this entry »


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Today is the day.

Picture it:  It’s 1984.  An eleven-year-old me (Gerry, this is btw) is at a sleepover at his friend Jason’s house.  As we’re in the downstairs rec room watching Star Wars for the 982nd time, I hear the most evil sound emanating from above us:

“In the beginning
Good always overpowered the evils
Of all man’s sins…”

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